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3 Facebook Marketing Predictions By Market Pros

Facebook marketing is an ever-changing market, and 2017 doesn’t look like it will change that at all.

However, if the changes Facebook made in 2016 are anything to go by, 2017 is going to wind up being especially impressive.

To get a firm understanding of what the future is liable to look like, we talked to 3 social media professionals. We picked their brains to learn everything we could.

1. Facebook Groups And Paid Ads

It’s likely that Facebook will choose to reduce Facebook group reach so that they can introduce paid ads. People interact far more often with groups than they do with pages. The more people who use groups over pages, the more Facebook is liable to reduce the reach. It’s somewhat underhanded since it’s essentially charging for something that was once free merely because they notice it’s more profitable, but the fact remains that it’s liable to be useful.

Ian Cleary, founder of RazorSocial, world’s top marketing tech sites focused on content marketing and social media.

2. Facebook Launches Ability To Create Video Stories For Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg released a function like Snapchat in Messenger, which is a huge sign that he’s taking it seriously as a competitor. The tools let users edit and add to videos and images, allowing them to draw, filter, and add text if they so choose. Right now, these are only available via direct messages to individuals, though that’s expected to change.

Facebook is planning to allow even more functionality similar to Snapchat to be made in Messenger in 2017. The plan is that video stories can be posted as videos either to your feed, or your page feed.

You can expect video stories will be coming to Facebook Messenger.

As if that wasn’t enough, their live video tools continue evolving. This is just a single step to an overall video strategy showcased by Facebook. It’s a natural extension of already existing tools such as scheduled live videos, trimming finished videos for better replays, and broadcasting from a desktop.

You should expect to see even more tools for studio editing and post-production offered to Facebook Live users. These tools and features are likely to be released for both apps and desktop use. Facebook seems to want to provide content creators with plenty of tools to create professional and well-polished content.

Not just that, but you can expect Facebook Live to start showing up on Smart TVs. Facebook seems to intend to position itself as a broadcast network, which means it will appear alongside things like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.

3. Expect To See More End-to-end Communication Tools For Facebook Messenger

These days, consumers want to be able to communicate immediately with companies. The companies that provide that opportunity are the ones that are going to start getting the sales.

It’s not uncommon these days to do all business communication through Facebook Messenger. There are stories of people setting up looking for apartments and signing leases via Facebook Messenger!

You can expect 2017 will see Facebook developing and releasing tools that further expand the speed and ease of communication. Last November saw the release of Facebook Messenger ads, and this is only the beginning.

These conversations can be inexpensive and can progress at rapid speeds thanks to the instantaneous nature of chat.

The marketers who invest their resources into increasing and expanding their chat services are the ones who are going to start seeing their client numbers rise.

Molly Pittman is the VP of marketing for, as well as the host of the Perpetual Traffic podcast. She is a leading expert on the subject of Facebook advertising, as well as customer acquisition.


How to Use Social Media Challenges to Generate 660 New Leads in One Week

Social media “challenges” are favorite. In fact, they’ve been popping up everywhere. While you want to take advantage of its popularity, there are some things you should consider before jumping on the bandwagon. Mainly, you want to ensure you’re using the right strategy. Otherwise, you’ll just be doing a lot of work for little or no results.

When I interviewed business visibility and growth strategist Jenn Scalia, I learned her approach. She’s achieved some outstanding and consistent results with social media challenges. For example, a recent trial generated 660 new leads and 40 new customers. This added $60,000 to her revenue in less than one week.

According to Scalia challenges are an outstanding way to create engagement in your community or generate buzz during a launch. Here are three things you must do, to get it right.

1. Make Your Challenge Relevant and Original

Your social media challenge should involve something your target market wants. Discover their biggest struggles and most pressing needs, then use this information to create a problem.

The challenge should help your target market solve a problem. It can’t just be fun. You want your audience to have something at the end, which might be a particular skill, confidence, a game plan, or a physical result.

2. Keep Your Challenge Short and Sweet

A challenge can run from three days to over a month. According to Scalia, the best results are achieved when you keep it brief. If the problem is drawn out over an extended period, people will start to drop off.

Scalia recommends challenges that last from 7 to 10 days. Longer than that is overkill. People won’t be engaged, forget it, or drop off. For example, Scalia’s Gutsy Girls challenge was seven days long.

This challenge generated 660 new leads, and there were 130 active participants. Since the trial included social share components, including a custom hashtag (#gutsygirls).

There were over 85 videos and 550 social media posts created by the community. In less than a week, they received 40 new customers; this resulted in $60,000 in coaching sales.

3. Follow the CASH Equation

C – Cohesive – Make the challenge Step 0 or Step 1 before a person buys your product or works with you.

A – Actionable – Don’t overcomplicate the process or give your participants too many things to do. It’s best to have one actionable step.

S – Sharable – Offer something that can be used on their personal social media platform or for their business. Make sure everyone in the challenge uses your @ tag and uses your problem hashtag when sharing.

H – Helpful – Each prompt will take them one step further along. They should be useful in getting them to their goal, which is who they want to be or what they want. Your challenge should give them a nudge in the right direction.

Of course, you may amplify the impact of a challenge on your bottom line when integrating this strategy by using Facebook ads. This is one way to benefit from the social proof elements and viral nature of organic shares.

They may also generate highly targeted traffic to your challenge and website. Both of these can help you meet your long and short-term business goals.

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Best Social Video Marketing Secrets Revealed

An Introduction To Social Video Marketing

Best Social Video Marketing Secrets Revealed. What’s social video marketing? At first glance, it’s a method to get potential and current customers to connect to your site. It’s an enjoyable method for one to get across your communication. At best, it’s an effective way to enhance your SEO image that is general. Cultural video advertising is nothing beats these aged Television advertisements – alternatively, it includes gripping pictures and inspirational text or audio to create your visitor’s experience they have to do a couple of things: take your proactive approach, and reveal your concept with people they experience might enjoy that which you need to provide.

What Social Video Marketing Is Not

Best Social Video Marketing Secrets RevealedCultural video advertising isn’t an industry that is typical. A movie team develops a much choreographed visual news release and doesn’t arrive at your home or company. Many social video marketing for smaller businesses happens using the aid of some those who have the expertise to place a fast, enjoyable video together, and the great online marketing expert. Fast cameras such as others yet the Switch enjoy it create the procedure for enhancing and creating small movies leisurely!

Social video advertising isn’t junk. Some companies create the error to be excessively powerful, that will be anything you certainly don’t wish to accomplish – the most genuinely effective social video marketing strategies are the ones that people wish to view.

What Social Video Marketing Is
It’s various things to people. The very best social video marketing doesn’t honestly actually seem like advertising to many customers, which will be the key reason why it’s not therefore ineffective. Listed here are just a couple items that determine social video marketing:

  • A reaction is triggered by educational video advertising. It generates a push to communicate, along with a need. You believe and would like your visitors to determine your videos, “Wow! I have to discuss this!”
  • Systems which are currently in position are used by educational video advertising. YouTube are two types of locations where video strategies that are efficient appreciate the red-hot achievement. Individuals discussing with buddies are usually viewing, and taking action.
  • Cultural video advertising is about your company as well as you. It’s clean unique, and frequently

We’ve just covered by speaking together with your internet marketing expert, the iceberg within this launch –’s end learn more. She or he can provide you much more particular perception of just how to make use of this fantastic device to create your company more lucrative than you previously thought it might be.


Auto Followers For Instagram Secrets Finally Exposed

5 Simple Ways To Get Auto Followers For Instagram

Instagram is a great tool for businesses to promote their products online and stay in touch with their fans and followers. The platform is also growing extensively and quickly and currently has more than 100 million active users. Here are 5 simple ways that you can implement to gain a lot more auto followers on Instagram:

1.     Share Relatable Photos

You will notice one common thing about all of the popular and much liked Instagram accounts, and that is the fact that they use highly relatable and personal photos that are not duplicates. This way they manage to connect with the audience in a better manner. The best thing you can therefore do is to use photos that do not appear to be perfect or show perfection.

2.     Connect Your Instagram With Facebook

Auto Follwers For InstagramWhen you connect your Facebook with your Instagram, the photos that you upload can easily integrate with both the platforms at once. This way, your Facebook fans will be able to see you upload your Instagram pictures and then follow you there as well.

3.     Make Use Of The Relevant Hashtags

Instagram is a little like twitter in the sense that it helps you organize your photos with the help of hashtags. While some hashtags will be more popular, it is always important that you only use the relevant ones. People are more likely to search for specific hashtags on Instagram as opposed to Twitter. Be sure to use a maximum of three hashtags on a single photo and not more. Also, remember not to overdo the hashtags since your picture will then look like a spam to users.

4.     Take Care Of Timing

Make sure that you share your photos at a time where most of your followers are likely to see it. The two most popular times for sharing photos are mornings, and at the time when the people are heading back home from work. The right timing would result in the most amount of engagement. If you share your pictures at odd timings, then chances are that a lot of people will not even come across your photos.

5.     Follow Others And Like Their Activity

If you want your photos to have followers, comments, and likes, then you should also give others the same treatment. Show appreciation for other people’s activities and they are likely to give more back. This is also a great way to keep people engaged with your account and to let them know that you exist as well.

It is not that difficult to have auto followers on Instagram. All you need to do is to use the right tactics for it. There are also many sites available that provide free followers, and you can use such sites to increase your list of followers. In case you need any further help in this aspect, feel free to contact us by simply giving us a call.

Auto Followers for Instagram can be an awesome form for branding you and your business.





Free Followers for Instagram Is Good for Social Media

Why Instagram Followers Are Important And How To Get Free Followers For Instagram

Instagram is a great social platform for sharing images and special moments with friends and loved ones. It also provides an opportunity for interacting with people all around the world. The site provides businesses with a chance to advertise their services and products that they offer. The use of Instagram for such business purposes is extremely straightforward and highly cost effective.

The Benefits Of Instagram And Instagram Followers

Instagram allows businesses and individuals to upload posts that contain images. For businesses, it provides an opportunity to share with the world how many of their customers are satisfied with their brand. However, in order for a business to reach a lot of people through Instagram, it is essential that they get followers. The more followers a business or an individual will have, the greater impact their marketing efforts will have. Luckily, there are various strategies that businesses can use to get free followers for Instagram.

Getting Free Followers For Instagram

Free Followers for InstagramThere are many obvious ways to get free followers for Instagram. For instance, you can follow other users, share posts on various other social media sites, tag photos, leave nice comments on the photos of others, or post some interesting photos. Such strategies can be of immense help when increasing followers. However, the process might be slow.

If you are looking to get a large volume of followers in a relatively shorter amount of time, then you can always consider buying followers. No matter if you are just starting out on the platform or have been on it for a long time, the strategy will assist you in increasing your Instagram popularity instantly. Additionally, when more and more people will see that you have such a massive number of followers, they will automatically want to follow you as well.

When buying Instagram followers, your followers list will grow fast and there will be no stopping it. Additionally, the greatest aspect of all of this is that there will not be any limit to this. There are many packages available for getting Instagram followers, in case you are looking to purchase them, and if you do not want to spend any money, then consider getting followers through the conventional means. While the process will be slow, you will not have to pay a dime.

Have you been looking for a way to get free Followers for Instagram? Well, now you know how to get this done. If you still have more questions regarding this topic, then feel free to get in touch with us. We would gladly help you out with any difficulties that you might be facing in this regard.

Social Media Packages To Fit Your Needs

Social Media Marketing And Packages

Social media packages is present everywhere. There are now so many active social media platforms that people are on, and as a result of this, companies can now target these people in their marketing campaigns and strategies. However, some of the businesses might not have sufficient time, staff, or even the expertise for maintaining a strong presence on social media. This is where the different experts and social media companies play an important role. They provide various social media packages to different clients and make sure that they end up making a mark on social media.

The Social Media Marketing Elements

1.     Strategy

Before starting work on any campaign, it is important to have a solid research conducted on the industry. For this, relevant questions need to be asked and optimum engagement needs to be ensured. The answers to the right questions help the social media agencies determine who needs to be targeted, and what strategies need to be developed for a positive outlook.

2.     The Match Of Web Demand And Content

social media packagesA social media strategy can only be effective if the most useful and highly demanded content is placed on pages. This content should also be updated on a regular basis so that the consumers can remain engaged with a brand.

3.     Customer Engagement

Client interaction is highly important when it comes to social media. The best possible way of attracting more customers is to have some who show they listen and care enough to answer all questions as well as have the ability to drive traffic towards the official website.

4.     Remaining Ahead Of Competition

Social media endures drastic changes almost constantly. In order to ensure that you have an optimized campaign, it is important to keep a track of the performance metrics. These can help in coming up with the required changes and thus staying ahead of the competition.

Determining The Right Social Media Packages

There are many different social media packages that are available, and all of these packages include researching for the right content, regular updates, performance metrics monitoring, and the building of social network. You can choose a package based on your requirements and your affordability. The social media company that you approach will also be able to help you in coming up with ideal package for your business depending on the requirements.

Social media marketing is a comprehensive field that is best left to the experts. It requires careful analysis and the ability of constantly keeping track of the different aspects. If you have any further questions regarding this topic, then feel free to get in touch with us. We would gladly help you out with anything that you require.

We hope this gave you great insight when selecting a good Social Media Packages.